Collection: All-Clad

Today, American artisans, using American-made metals, handcraft cookware in the tradition that established a new benchmark for professional cookware. At each stage of the manufacturing process, every piece of All-Clad cookware is hand-inspected to ensure that it maintains All-Clad quality standards. This extreme scrutiny slows the production process, but guarantees that every piece of cookware that leaves the Southwest Pennsylvania rolling mill preserves the reputation that precedes it.

Because the raw materials are critical to performance, All-Clad metallurgists specify the metals formulations down to the chemical composition and micro-structure. Since quality always takes precedence over convenience, the metals are formulated for optimal cooking performance; not for ease of manufacturing. All-Clad cookware is manufactured to the most stringent environmental standards. Virtually every ounce of unused material is recovered and recycled, down to the metal dust generated during the sanding process.

Every detail receives critical attention. The signature stay-cool handle is cast from solid stainless steel, and is ergonomically-designed for comfort during long cooking sessions. Rivets are formed from high-yield-strength stainless steel, and treated to remove trace elements of iron that could otherwise cause corrosion. These painstaking efforts result in a finished cookware product that maintains the same integrity it was created
with, even after a lifetime of service.

At All-Clad, performance is paramount, and quality will never be compromised. These are the principles that have guided All-Clad from its inception. These are the edicts of the engineers and artisans whose passion and pride continue to turn cookware into heirlooms.