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Snowy Pines Lampe Fragrance

Snowy Pines Lampe Fragrance

  • $2490

Have you ever gone out to cut a Christmas tree in the snow?

A fresh-cut Christmas tree from snow-laden woods has a scent like no other. Sharp and clean, the fragrance clings to your fingers and permeates the house with freshness. It’s wonderful to be warm and dry inside and still smell the beautiful outdoor woods in your house.

If holidays mean cold weather outside and warm coziness inside, add the scent of Lampe Berger Snowy Pines to your celebration. Enjoy comforts, family, good food and cheer all while smelling wonderful piney fragrance. If you like the winter scent of crisp pine that’s more greenery than spicy scent for holiday, Snowy Pines Lampe Berger is a good one to try.

Rosemary, Cloves

Pines Of Landes

Fir Balsam, Oakmoss, Cedarwood

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