Sizzle Survival Lighter

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The Survival Lighter is an excellent lighter to bring with you while fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and snowmobiling. This lighter provides 2 modes of operation - fire and light with the added benefit of being waterproof only when the lid is closed and locked. It will ignite anything a regular lighter can ignite. It is eco-friendly, easy to use, rechargeable and works in windy conditions. This lighter is the perfect gift for the outdoors person!

Name: Survival Lighter ZZ-EX01
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Battery type: polymer lithium ion battery
Charge voltage: DC 5.0 - 0.25V
Charge time: 1- 2 hours
Material: zinc alloy
Battery life: 200 recharges
Safety features: After 9 seconds of ignition the lighter automatically shuts off. The lid can be sealed and locked when not being operated.
Weight: 56g
Size: 96x48x38.5mm