Sizzle Extendable Lighter

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The extender extends out 49 cm. The tip of the lighter has a flexible head. The extendable lighter makes lighting campfires, candles, firetables and more from a safe distance.

The lighter is charged through the USB cable by connecting to and USB compatible power source with an output voltage of DV3.7V +/- .05V and output current below 280MA

Indicator light on the left side of the product will be turned on during charging. The indicator will turn off automatcially when the lighter is flly charged. Full charge in 2-3 hours. Do not overcharge, as overcharging will shorten the battery life.

Uses: BBQ's, candles, incense, fireplaces, fire tables
Battery: 220 mAh
Charging time: 1 - 2 hours
Size 100x34x17mm
Comes with a gift box.