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End Grain Cutting Board 15x11"

End Grain Cutting Board 15x11"

  • $249.00

Saskatchewan Made!

15x11" x 1.75" H (size approximate)

Made with a variety of woods (Walnut, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Purple Heart, Wenge, Oak and others may be included). Individually handcrafted. Each end grain cutting board is unique; as such, slight imperfections are expected that add to the character of each piece.

  • Do not place hot pans and pots on the board
  • Do not soak the board in water
  • Rinse the board with warm running water, use a minimal amount of dish soap, and dry with a kitchen towel
  • Monthly it is advised to rinse the board with a vinegar water solution, OR sprinkle a teaspoon of salt in the board and wipe down with a half a lemon, and then rinse with warm water and dry
  • Wipe your board with a mineral oil on a regular basis to keep the board from drying out and to create a barrier to prevent exessive food juices from entering the wood

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